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Let your kids adore themselves with the beautiful dreams in their gorgeous bedrooms;

Kids adore fairy-tales, different stories about pirates and cowboys and surely cartoons. They often imagine themselves heroes of them. Girls play dolls and dream to be a princess or famous ballerina, boys collect comics about super-heroes and want to be as cool as them. You could make your child very happy by creating a bedroom which take ideas from his or her favorite character. Nowadays it is not very difficult and usually only depends on your imagination. There are available a lot of different themed furniture and accessories in the shops. One of cool and easy solutions to create a right atmosphere are various wall stickers, which also have great advantage – they are not very expensive.

Girls’ Rooms

Girls’ rooms are often done using themes and colors we are goign to discuss but of course, it’s not obligatory and your girl can choose anything she likes – we’ll just take a look at the most traditional ideas. So, you can often see girls’ rooms done using princess, ballerina, princess castle, Paris and Disney themes.

1. a princess castle-inspired girl's bedroom with a castle artwork and pink beds with canopies is a very dreamy space

2. a cozy pastel house or castle-themed kid's room with a lavender house bed, pink bedding and bright furniture

4.a mauve Princess themed kid's room with carved wooden furniture and touches of blue

5. a cute Paris-themed kid's room will be loved by most girls, I totally like wall art and a black forged bed that brings French chic

6. a princess-themed kids' room done in two ways - pink or blue, with a carriage bed and refined white furniture

7. a Disney princess themed kids' room done in pink, with art on the wlal and a bed done with pink bedding

8. a pink and buttermilk princess-style girl's room with a carriage bed, comfortable furniture and letter tiles

9. a pink ballerina-inspired kid's room with a canopy bed and a ballet dancer art on the wall

Boys’ Rooms

Boys’ rooms’ can come in lots of different themes: Sponge Bob, super heroes, nautical and sea, various kinds of sports, dinosaurs, races, Star Wars and many others. Everything depends on what your son likes and what characters he prefers. The traditional colors are blues, greens, greys, off-white, sometimes green, yellow and red but of course your son can choose literally anything that comes to his mind – traditions exist to get broken! Adding theme touches with colors, accesories and decor is a trendy idea that will make the room look more modern.

1. Sponge Bob themed shared kids' room is very colorful and bright and will be loved by those who enjoy cartoons

2. a sea-inspired boy's room done with a ship bed, lots of ship decor, toy sea creatures and even a pirate rug

3. a football-inspired boy's room with a real football space to play here is a dream of all the sporty kids and those who like activities

4.a Batman-inspired room with a Bat mobile bed, a bat dresser and a bat cabinet is a very edgy and bold idea

5. a blue Spiderman kid's room with a statement art on the wall is another cool idea for those who love super heroes

6. a football-themed blue kid's room with various types of football balls and fun decor is ideal for boys

7. a dino meets pirates boy's room done in navy, green, white and with approppriate decor of both parts

8. a racing themed kid's room done with a car bed, a car artwork and a colorful tire rug

9. Batman is a very popular kids' room decor theme, mostly among boys, letyour kid feel like a super hero

10. a sea explorer room with a unique and very creative boat bed and round windows to create a ship feel

11.a colorful Mario Brothers themed kid's bedroom done in green, red, blue and black and white

Gender Neutral Rooms

Gender neutral rooms are getting more and more popularity and if you want a themed room, you may try log cabin, camp, horse farm or some other animal theme, space, adventures or cartoons and characters that your kid likes – just keep the colors more neutral or go universal, for example, green, grey, yellow, red. Such ideas are also great for shared kids’ rooms with different genders.

1. two ways of decorating a sea-inspired kids' room - adding boats and sails in different ways

2. a tropical kids' room done in two different ways - with a surf shelter housing two beds and a ship in the tropical sea

3. a bright and fun jungle-themed kids' bedroom with a bold artwork, a house bed and colorful jungle-inspired toys

4. a gorgeous camp-themed kids' room with canopy on branches, woven shades, faux trees and a faux fireplace

5. a large log cabin themed nursery done with green, orange and brown, with bunk beds and striped rugs

6. a lovely and soothing bunny-themed nursery with pastel touches will be nice both for boys and girls

7. a rustic themed bedroom with a stained wooden bed, boho bedding, a gallery wall and an open round shelf

8. adventure-themed shared kids' room will easily fit both boys and girls thanks to its neutral color scheme

9. horse farm themed kids' room with an artwork on the wall, toys and wicker furniture feels cozy and relaxed

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